Managing your Comeback w/ C19

Danyelle Gilbert, Colorado Council of Black Nurses joins me today to talk about the ways our shared community can maneuver and manage the stresses Covid 19 is putting on us all right now. Check out this episode!

Surviving your Comeback (AND your relationship)

Today, we’re talking quarantine with your partner, and if you’re in a relationship during Covid 19, you’ve probably had your ups and downs, just like me.  I’m joined by my Husband Anthony today, and we get into it about all the things like space, personal sanity and SEX!  Check out this episode!

Protecting Your Comeback

Guest Erryn Cobb joined me from Chicago to talk through the current pandemic that’s affecting us all.  With a background in PR and as CEO/Owner of Fetch I.M.C., Erryn details how you can protect your business, your finances and your family in this time of crisis. Check out this episode!

Comeback To Education

Today Erica is joined by her Mom, Dr. Nell Cobb to talk quarantine, kids, and how to survive!  If you’re a parent dealing with quarantine this one’s for you! Check out this episode! Resources mentioned in the show: Daily Routine during Pandemic: Breakfast as a family and clean up Outside time with parent or facilitator 1/ facilitator 2 works …