Comeback: from Being a Reject

Rejection is HARD so why do we seem to be so addicted to it?  You don’t know what I mean?  Of course you do!  We have all been in situations where we are trying to prove our worth to win the perceived prize.  For some of us this is our M.O. for relationships, trying to make ourselves be what we think someone else wants.  Catering our looks, our speech, our interests and even our locations to convince the object of our affections that we are who they want and need in their lives.

For others, this pattern manifests itself in our professional lives.  This gets tricky because rising to the opportunity is a sign of growth.  But changing who you fundamentally are in order to be ‘enough’ for the position or the climate of the position is something different all together.

Why do we set ourselves up for the inevitable rejection by pretending to be something that we aren’t?  We weren’t meant to be masters of disguise!  We were meant to be exactly who we are, no alterations necessary, and it’s our job to find happiness in our truth!  If we’re catering to each situation or person who comes into our paths we have to brace ourselves for rejection, because eventually we will start to show signs that we aren’t who we’re pretending to be.

So what are you playing the reject to?  And how much longer are you willing to face rejection before you stop fighting against who you are and what is meant for YOU?


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