Comeback: from Office Romance Gone Bad

Hey, it worked for Barack and Michelle, but if you’ve seen the movie South Side with You it’s clear Michelle wasn’t having the office romance thing.  Sometimes fate intervenes and you live happily ever after, hell, maybe even become President and First Lady but lets just say the odds are pretty stacked against you.

I have never had an “office romance” but I have definitely mixed business with pleasure and alcohol with business.  One scenario had nothing to do with the other, but either way they were both bad decisions.  If you want to be taken seriously professionally, you have to act serious at all times.  There is a way to be social and professional, it involves setting your intentions and expectations PRIOR to social situations especially when they involve alcohol.  So make a decision that you’ll go the “mocktail” route or limit your drinking to a one drink carry along that you keep all night.  Only you know your limits, but be honest with yourself about what they are.

I know quite a few people who have met at work and married, have kids and lived happily ever after!  But in all of those cases there was a definite effort to make things work for the long haul from the start.  If you’re going to date interoffice I’d suggest that you formulate a long haul plan.  NO booty call or one night stand is worth your professional reputation or becoming the subject of interoffice gossip.  Sadly, women have to be more guarded about this than men.  As a woman, you are more under the microscope and subjected to more conclusions about who you are based on your every move.  This isn’t a fair reality but it IS a reality!  So be protective of your professional reputation and unless you think he is in fact your Barack, go search the dating pool in the office down the street in a field unrelated to yours!


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