Comeback: from Underdog

People who use their past circumstances to justify their future inability to succeed annoy me to no end.  How presumptuous of you to believe that you know someone’s story based on aesthetics alone.  I’ve learned from countless experiences that this mentality is truly an excuse to remain still.  The most successful people I know: leaders of industry, academics, athletes and artists have all had less than stellar circumstances to overcome one way or the other.  Many of them have endured and triumphed over circumstances that the motionless couldn’t even begin to imagine, often these instances are the ground floor of their rise, their comeback.  So if you’re on the ground floor, standing motionless, buried in excuses for why, start admitting that you aren’t a special victim.  Life hasn’t decided to be unkind to solely you.  If these folks are succeeding against all odds so can you!

I can understand the “consummate victim” mentality; I really can!  In what other situation other than lack or oppression will others take pity on you, use their own resources to help you, or pay you more mind than usual.  It is interesting though, if you notice, folks literally in the fight of their lives FOR their lives tend to want to be less of a victim than a “consummate victim.”  These people, backed up against the ropes, truly under-dogged by critical diagnoses.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Plagued by circumstances greater than their physical abilities to overcome even with time.  These people, tend to have the greatest fights in them, tend to overcome that which seems impossible to overcome.  Accept NO excuses, even when their obstacles are visible for all to see.

What are you TRULY capable of?  Life is hard, no doubt it is! But what are you using to stay in the phase of strife?  What sad pitiful story do you enjoy singing as your life’s anthem?  What are you holding on to that keeps you anchored in your life?  Release it and let it lead you to your greatness…  You have it in you!

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