Comeback To Education

Today Erica is joined by her Mom, Dr. Nell Cobb to talk quarantine, kids, and how to survive!  If you’re a parent dealing with quarantine this one’s for you!

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Resources mentioned in the show:

Daily Routine during Pandemic:

  • Breakfast as a family and clean up

  • Outside time with parent or facilitator 1/ facilitator 2 works

  • Inside e-learning session 1 with facilitator 1/ facilitator 2 works

  • Lunch and clean up with F(1)/ F(2) works

  • ELearning session 2 with F(2)/F(1) works

  • Free time without screen time – good time for board games, etc.  Reading favorite book

  • Dinner as a family and clean up

  • Outside Activity

  • Family Performances, Karaoke, etc

  • Free time and preparation for bed


Remote Learning/Teaching Resources: 
Distance Learning with Limited Internet:

“Homework: Lessons Learned in the Home for Success in School & Life” by Dr. Maxine J. Wood

Science Websites: