Comeback: to Letting Go

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…”

-Freddie Perren and Christine Yarian

When Boyz II Men sang these lyrics, few of us knew the many meanings these words would take on in our lives, I surely did not!  As a result, I found myself holding on to things that had become extremely vital in my life but ultimately were not meant to last forever.  This is a very long game life and it’s painful to think that all that we have accumulated along the way belongs to a moment in time.  But fighting this painful truth can cause more harm than good and that works both ways!  I’ll wait for you to wipe away the tears, I’m certainly wiping away mine right now too.

The truth is every person, opportunity, experience is there to serve our growth and YOU are there to reciprocate the same.  It doesn’t always mean the give and take is equal, in fact it’s hardly ever quantifiable, but it’s a consistent reality.

So how do we avoid the devastation of losing the things that we have grown to love and feel as though we’d never be able to live without?  If you’re a growing person, and I hope like hell you are, I believe we have to start there.  When I began truly troubleshooting my life I found the reason why I had lost so much is because I was never clear about my intentions for my life, even when relationships and opportunities were clear with me about the intentions for theirs.  Intentions are really something that are self-fulfilling prophecies, they may be able to influenced by external factors but the only place that can truly change the genesis of said intentions comes solely from within.

So, my best answer as to how you can avoid a lot of misunderstanding, misdirection and loss is to get clear on your intentions from the very beginning.  Start to hone relationships, obtain opportunities and experiences that share similar intentions grow into it all simultaneously.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that if you’re committed to a relationship or opportunity that you drop everything and ghost!  But what I am saying is if you’re taking inventory of your current state of affairs and discover your life is moving in a different direction, a direction that you’ll take unaccompanied, get comfortable with the idea that growth IS the destination and you’ll have everything you need upon your arrival.

So is it time to let go?  I hope this little chat has helped you decide!

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