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“There is nothing so pitiful as a young cynic because he has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing.” -Maya Angelou

Ain’t this just the truth?  I really feel this the most when I’m on social media.  Where did the encouragement of self-deprecation come from?  Are we really supposed to find community by celebrating and bonding over our shortcomings? I’d argue that there is nothing more pitiful than a young self-deprecator, they go from not knowing themselves to not believing in themselves!

I had to change the lens through which I was viewing social media all together.  When I was going through the hardest struggles of my life I did take comfort in the fact that I wasn’t the only one.  You know, the cynical memes and the “I ain’t sh!t and I’ll never be sh!t, so lets laugh at my pain” images.  But once you know you aren’t alone, and this is an F’d up place to be, it’s time to actually DO something about your situation.  Luckily, there are just as many empowering accounts that are out there waiting for you when you’re ready to ditch the cynicism and empower yourself and that is a community I’m happy to align myself with.  Here are some of my personal faves:

Keys to Success:


@thehustlermind: “A behind the scenes look… Documenting the Journey Failures, Success, everything in between.”  If everyday you’re hustlin’, this is an amazing source of motivation and truth.  If you don’t have ONE person in your life to encourage your journey, find community and like-minded spirit here!

@valerieluckett: “Mindset Business Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs.” We all have our brands whether we are monetizing them or not.  I love Valerie’s IG because it’s a reminder to stay the course as I build my brand and a wonderful place for women in business.

Overcoming Adversity:


@rickpartyshow: “Afternoon Radio Host on HOT 105 fm in #Miami | Speaker | Advocate against Abuse | A man who believes in God.”  This man has been my mentor since day #1; he literally opened the door for me on my first day of my radio internship in Chicago, 15 years ago, and he has been opening doors in our industry ever since.  He is a source of positivity and truth through his experiences. He isn’t afraid to share his failures as they have become the catalyst for his biggest successes.  I also truly appreciate how he uplifts and shares how much he loves his amazing wife.  It’s important for women to see men celebrate their partners; especially for those who have become love cynical.

@cierra.thurman: “Author, publisher, and motivational speaker.”  Here is a woman who is a shining example of “if I can do it you can too.”  She took the #JumpWithSteve Challenge and ended up being mentored by Steve Harvey! You don’t believe these things are possible? I’m sure she’d beg to differ!

Health & Fitness:


@bodybyemilee: “Your source and inspiration for living a fit, healthy, balanced life! Live fit. Eat healthy. Be inspired!”  Have you ever looked at a social media account and thought ‘I want my life to feel the way this page looks?’ I HAVE, and it was while looking at this account. Then I did something I had never done before, I followed up and reached out to Emilee.  She has been my trainer and ‘nutrition guideline-ess’ for two years, and low and behold my life feels like the amazingly positive energy on her page today!

@lutherfreeman: “Celebrity Trainer #30DayTransformationTeam Transforming Lives In 30 Days.”  I’m truly not sure what inspires me more about this guy, the impressive transforming of his clients physiques or the way he loves and celebrates his new wife and business partner?!? Check him out it’s truly something you should witness for yourself.

@kathy_drayton: “Celebrity Trainer FitCurvy #30DayTransformationTeam Transforming Lives in 30 Days.”  Kathy is the epitome of what a difference a year makes.  Get past her remarkable beauty and truly vibe with this girl.  She visualized her life, claimed it and inspired and empowered others along the way.  The relationship she and Luther have is not made for Instagram it’s made for eternal inspiration!



@kindcult: “Jewelry for the Do-Gooder.”  Looking for a community?  This is one “cult” I’m all about.  A community of do-gooders, now that’s something to bond over!

@dearblackgirl_: “Black Girl Inspiration for the black girl who may not know her worth is more than Silver & Gold.”  The amount of unsolicited disparaging messages and images out there about black women is truly alarming.  I think this became the most overt when Michelle Obama became FLOTUS.  I love this account of empowerment and pride; it’s truly important!

@godlydating101: “Godly Dating Chivalry. Modesty. Purity • God’s standard, not society’s expectations.”  Whatever your higher power is, this page encourages the belief that you are not seeking your true life partner alone, nor should you be.  Even if you’re in a healthy and happy relationship it still serves as a great reminder of some of the principles that will keep you there!


If you have social media accounts that inspire you I’d love for you to share them with me using #ComebackWithEricaCobb

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