Comeback: to Social Media After A Break-Up

There is nothing quite as depressing as ending a relationship…  Wait, I lied, getting the play-by-play of HOW the relationship ended on social media is just as depressing, especially when it’s still in the heat of the aftermath.  I will never understand why anyone would go on social media to debate or blast an ex.  YOU are the one who chose them, so I’m going to honest when I’m passing judgement, something you’re forcing us all to do by making it public, I’m looking at you first!  Sorry, this is a place of honesty, but it’s also a place of positivity so lets turn this around.

Ok, you were upset, your ex did you dirty and you didn’t count to 10 before you went in!  We aren’t perfect people, I get it! Now what can you do?  Start by taking ownership, if you went public with the dirt you may want to start with a public recanting of your disparaging statements.  I know, I know, “but it was the truth” “they deserved it,” both of those things may be true!  But the question is what do YOU deserve?

If you feel you were done wrong in your last relationship you should start with why you feel that way and what part you played in it!  The truth is we always play a part.  If you can’t find a part you played in it, you’re destined to make the same mistakes and end up in the same relationship with a different person, crying the same “why does this always happen to me” song.

If you are a social medialite and feel it necessary to connect with people using this medium, there’s nothing wrong with that!  But remember those connections are a two way street.  You can attract people or repulse people (even those you want to attract) without knowing it.  Social media is social, but it isn’t layered in the way that interpersonal communication is, meaning what you put out is exactly what you get back at word and image level.  You don’t have the luxury of context clues like tone, body language or personality. So, I’ll bring back an old school calculating term GIGO, Garbage In Garbage Out.

So the answer to the question of ‘what do YOU deserve’ the answer is “more,” everything that you are willing to work for.  But start that work with respect for yourself and your experiences.  Trust me, everyone doesn’t deserve to know the Xs and Os of your drama!  Better luck next time 😉


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