Comeback With Fashion Designer Sir Algernon

Comeback With Fashion Designer Sir Algernon

On this episode of Comeback with Erica Cobb, fashion designer Sir Algernon sits down with Erica and they discuss how sliding into the DM’s lead to a best dressed collab.

Sir Algernon dressed Erica for the 2023 NAACP Image Awards and since then they have been serving lewks that have left some of the biggest celebs, like Andy Cohen, stunned.

He tells Erica his origins in fashion, how he knew he had that spark early on and how as a child he was inspired to design because of his parents’ church clothes.
He opened up about how overcoming his own insecurities lead to him designing clothes for those who don’t feel seen.

Sir Algernon also shares his designing process and that sometimes taking a leap of faith, with very little to your name, can have a huge payoff.

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