Comeback: to Being Seen for Who You Are

Now I always like to throw out the caveat of I am not a relationship expert.

But I’ve Been There…

The only thing that separates myself from you out there looking for love, is the fact that I loved, I lost, I resided in this dirty thirty divorcee zone (which is not what’s up) and I actually had the balls to wanna put myself out there and do it all over again, but this time raise my standard of what I wanted for myself and what I wanted for love.

And I did find love again with someone who found me at a very fragile time, but saw me for who I was — not where I was — and where I was able to go and where we could go together.

The Power of Being Seen for Who You Are

I think that’s the importance of people who see you. Sometimes we’re seen by people that we don’t want to be seen by, and let’s just be honest about that.

I get a lot of girls who tell me, “oh this guy had the balls to slide into my DMs and you know, like, who did he think he was?” And my question’s always the same, well of course he thought that he could approach you, look at what you’re putting out there into the universe.

The self-deprecating memes, the making fun of your situation and calling yourself incapable of being loved. Of course he’s seeing you for who that person is because you’re projecting where you are not who you are.

And I think a lot of times we’re just looking for someone to see us for who we are.

But are we blocking our blessings of finding those people because we’re not actually showing the real us for them to meet us on that level?

I want to encourage you to think about what you’re putting out there of who you are, so that when people see you, they can truly see you for who you are — not where you are — and they’re able to meet you in a place that you can grow together.

So Comeback kid, what are you doing to who people who you really are?

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