Comeback: from Self Loathing

Are You Guilty of Self Loathing?

I’m talking about the idea of self loathing because oftentimes when things aren’t going our way we start to really feel like we might hate ourselves.

And there’s no more destitute feeling than not even liking the person that you are.

But I want to change the mindset on what you’re thinking. My argument is that even if you don’t like the person that you’ve become, you still like the person that you really are — and those are two totally different things.

For instance, you may not like the relationship that you’re in. You may not like the job that you’re in. You may not like where you live. And all of those things are not static things — Those things are very much in your control each and every day of your life.

When I really started feeling like I didn’t like these things, it really scared me. I’m a person who really has always liked myself.

Believe it or not, it made me think that I was dying a very slow and steady death. But I realized it wasn’t about me, it was about who I was letting myself become.

Troubleshooting Self Loathing

So I started troubleshooting. I started looking at the things that were the most obvious to myself about what I wasn’t feeling.

One of the things was my body. I wasn’t happy with my body. And I know some people will look at me and say “Oh well I wish that your worst was my best.” And that’s fine for you and I respect that, but at the end of the day when I’m not living my best or being my best or looking my best, I can call myself out on that.

The next thing that I really was struggling with was my lifestyle. Not really having any true direction, going to a job that didn’t challenge me. It just wasn’t feeling like the life that I had set for myself the way that I saw myself being at this stage in my life.

Make a Change

So I decided it was time to make a change.

It was time to do the things that made me happy and to actually experience a life and a career that were going to be worth my while, that are going to make me proud and make me get up every morning ready to seize the day.

So start troubleshooting your life because even if things are good and you’re very grateful for where you are, that doesn’t mean that that’s where you should stay.

Comeback Kid, are you committed to troubleshooting your feelings about yourself and being your best? Let us know!

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