Comeback: to Social Media Inspiration

So how do you use social media? Are you using it to stay in touch with friends and family, to network? Maybe it’s your source for news or entertainment.

I have used social media for all of those reasons, but in the past year, I actually changed the way that I use and absorb social media because I realize that it’s an excellent source for inspiration for my comeback.

Now, I’m not talking about following the most perfect profiles with the happiest filters. No, I’m talking about finding like-minded profiles and like-spirited people who are really showing you, “Hey, if I can do it, you can, too,” because sometimes we forget that.

If one person is capable of doing something, if we work hard at it, we may just be capable of doing that, too.

Need some tips on how to change the way that you use social media?

How about number one, stop lurking so personally.

I mean, someone else’s success does not equal your failures. So homegirl got a man.

Homegirl, you can get a man, too.

Just because someone else has something or seems to be the first to do something doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, too, and do it well.

How about this instead? Pay attention, and you just might learn something. You may see their glory, but do you know their story? Paying attention and following people who you admire actually gives an excellent way of unraveling the mystery behind how they became the person that you admire them to be today.

So pay attention, and learn something, and while you’re at it, stop taking posts at face value. Just use social media for what it is, a true form of entertainment and a resource for a lot of other things. And don’t just automatically assume that what you’re seeing is the gospel.

I mean, do you believe everything you read on the Internet? Don’t answer that.

Comeback Kids, who inspires you on social media?, I would love for you to share it below:

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