Know when to leave -- Comeback: to Ambient Sound

So we’re talking about how you know when to leave — that it’s time to make a move.

Now I’ve definitely made a lot of moves, physically, emotionally, mentally, I’ve been a girl on the move, and that is for sure.

Great Advice from an Old Friend

I want to share one piece of advice that I received about ten years ago from my co-host in Chicago, who was an openly recovering addict.

We were out one day at a social event for the station, and he said:

“Erica, when I’m in social situations and there’s alcohol involved, I always know when it’s time to leave because there’s this volume, this noise level that happens in the room, and that’s when I know it’s time for me to go.”

10 years later, I’m just now picking up on the fact that’s actually super great advice for how you should go through life, too.

Since then I’ve actually used it. There’s a lot of noise that starts to happen when things aren’t going the way that they should be going. It’s not that they’re not going the way that they should be for everybody, but they’re definitely not going the way that they should be going for you.

And there’s this noise level, this crescendo that starts to happen, and before it gets to the peak, where it’s too loud to even tolerate, where you actually have to have earmuffs to even have it be safe for your ears, that’s when you know when to leave.

It’s Not Just Noise

Now, a lot of people may not think of noise the way that us audio people think of it. Maybe for you it’s a visual thing, maybe for you it’s a feeling, but it’s definitely something that’s telling you that there’s one thing, two things, three things, four things, that are not right about that situation, and those four things are gonna turn into eight things, and those eight things are gonna turn into 16 things, and before you’ve overstayed your welcome and someone else decides what your fate is, that’s when you know you need to start to get your exit strategy and go with it, just go with your gut.

The thing about it is, a lot of times we feel like we can’t, because we would be leaving a piece of ourselves undone, or a piece of the project undone, and I’m just gonna warn you that sometimes you don’t need to finish that piece of yourself, sometimes you don’t need to finish a piece of that project because it’s not meant for you to finish. Maybe it was meant for you to start and for someone else to build so that you can go and start something that’s more meant and ready for you.

I know we see failure when we leave things incomplete, but failure is actually a really great thing. Recently I saw a video where Oprah was being interviewed about bravery and she said something that really stuck with me, she said that failure is that thing that’s kind of redirecting us to where we need to go.

So make sure that you’re paying attention to exactly when things are starting to crescendo for you, because that’s when you know, it’s time to go.

Comeback kids, what cues tell you when it’s time to go? Let the community know?

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