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Sometimes a comeback is not just about an individual, but a community. Comeback Yoga here in Denver brings together master teachers with veterans, active duty service members and their families. I joined them to learn how this group is changing lives.


Erica Cobb: I like to say everyone is deserving of the comeback that they’re willing to earn. How do you feel that you’ve earned your comeback?


Doug Kasel: I’m earning it every day that I come back.

Kelly Wulf: Comeback Yoga is we want … You’re coming back whether it’s you’re coming back from a deployment, you’re coming back from … You’re coming back to yourself. You’re coming back to maybe something that’s unfamiliar, and we just really want to provide that system. That support system and that community.

Doug Kasel: It’s so much better and so much more positive then maybe the veterans kind of meetings of the past. A smokey bar or something like that.

Curtis Schaub: Its become addicting. I just don’t miss a class.

Andres Rivera: I got benefits way surpass … It surpassed my pain. It was mentally I was calmer. Spiritually I was growing.

Kelly Wulf: We have 28 classes a week in the Denver Metro area. Our teachers are volunteers.


Erica Cobb: You led today’s comeback yoga class, tell us what led you to become a teacher.


Dan Rolince: I guess once you serve that’s just the way you live life.

Kelly Wulf: Our classes are full of veterans who may not have ever met outside of the conference room where we’re practicing yoga. If we can create that community and they can come back and have that waiting for them, I think that’s 100% the reason to do it.


Erica Cobb: So to go from 0 to 3 times a week is pretty significant. What keeps you coming back at that pace?


Andres Rivera: I went from being almost immobile on a lot of muscle relaxers and in pain really.

Curtis Schaub: The yoga’s just been exceptional. I really … I finally found something I like.


Erica Cobb: What have you seen in your classes that has moved you the most?


Dan Rolince: It’s one student mentioned that he could finally stand up in the shower. Something that most of us take for granted.

Kelly Wulf: You can wear jeans if you want to. No Lululemon required for comeback yoga.

Doug Kasel: I think I’ll keep coming back.


Erica Cobb: For more information on classes and how to get involved go to


Jeff Schroeder: That’s awesome. I love that.


Erica Cobb:  It was really awesome. One of the students who had just returned from active duty and was like “This isn’t enough for me.” And came back and said that he had slept for the first time in almost a year.


Jeff Schroeder: Wow. Yoga’s amazing. I got into it a couple years back and I love it.

Sam Schacher: Mind and body transformation. Absolutely. Thank you for bringing that story to us.