Holly Montag Helps Women in Recovery | The Comeback


One of my favorite comeback stories is Holly Wilson, better known as Holly Montag, from MTV’s The Hills.

She seemed to have it all, but life behind the scenes was a different story.

I spoke with Holly about her battle with addiction, and how she not only changed her life but now the lives of others.


Holly Montag: My sister, she got an invitation to go on to The Hills. And she said, “Why don’t you come out and do this?” The amount of money that everybody was making and the lifestyle, that sounded like a lot more appealing to me.

My step-brother died in 2008 and I used alcohol as a coping mechanism, and just relied on that. And that for me is when the switch flipped, and it went from the point of being a binge drinker to being a daily drinker. I was known as “Alco-Holly” on the show, and that was part of my role.

One of the castmates actually had said to me at one point, ‘You know you don’t have to be who you think that they want you to be.’


Erica Cobb: So what was rock bottom for you?


Holly Montag: I was supposed to move from LA to New York for work, and was supposed to go out with a few drinks with friends, and that lasted about five days and hadn’t packed anything for the move. And suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t gonna stop and that things were just gonna continue to get worse.

For me, that’s what I call my moment of clarity, where I decided that I wanted to do something else, and I reached out and asked for help.


Erica Cobb: What was the biggest comeback that you weren’t expecting?


Holly Montag: The biggest come back for me has been this opportunity to now open up my own substance abuse treatment center for women. Being given the responsibility by God and being trust with that to help other women to get sober and find more meaning, and be empowered in their lives, is definitely the most important thing for me that’s come out of my comeback.


Erica Cobb: So you came to fame in reality television, but ultimately the Denver Women’s Recovery Center will be your legacy.


Holly Montag: Yes, I would hope that Denver Women’s Recovery is my legacy, and it’s the best thing that I’ve ever been to do to feel like I’m able to help people along their journey to find recovery.


For more information on the amazing work Holly is doing, visit DenverWomensRecovery.com.