Comeback: to How to Let Go

Is it Time to Let Go?

I have had a lot of things in my life, people, possessions, job opportunities, that I’ve been forced to let go, because at the end of the day, when something’s over it truly is over.

Whether you wanna let it go or not, it will leave your life. So if you see it coming voluntarily, then I would take the voluntary route because it kinda mitigates the damages.

Now, this is the thing that I want you to think about: When you’re talking about a person, a possession, a job opportunity that you have invested your time, your love, your resources into, have you ever thought about the idea that that’s all you were meant to do?

Because even when we’re investing big parts of ourselves into something or someone else, we are also receiving something in return for doing that. I mean, we’re not altruistic people so it’s not as though we do anything 100% in expectation of not getting something in return.

If you’re here right now and you’re wondering: “is it time to let go?” you’ve probably thought about the fact that things that you have invested your time, your resources, and energy into, they’re not reciprocating back.

They’re not giving it back to you.

So basically, you’re now a vehicle running on empty and you’re about to stall out because they’re not servicing your needs the way that you’ve given your resources to them.

But have you ever thought that maybe they’re not supposed to?

Maybe there’s a third party that’s supposed to reciprocate those very same things back to you. And by you trying to literally get something out of nothing you are blocking your opportunity to let that third party into your life.

How to Let Go: Realize It’s A Beginning, Not an End

That’s really what’s happened in my life. I was so scared of losing my relationship. I was so scared of losing my job. I was so scared of losing my worldly possessions, and you know what happened?

They were forced away from me anyway.

And as soon as that happened, that transition period that I was so scared of was the most easy transition that has ever happened in my entire life. It was like all of a sudden the gods came down and gave me all of the resources that I thought I was going to have to live without.

So I’m gonna encourage you to let go of the things that aren’t refilling your empty tank. And just trust and believe that there’s something that is going to give back to you what you have given to something else.

Comeback Kids, now that you’re clear on how to let go, what are you letting go of in order to make your life greater? We want to know!

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