Shia's Comeback Story

Let’s be honest, in life we all encounter some sort of adversity. For me, personally, that came in a one, two, three punch: unemployment, divorce, bankruptcy, but I took personal accountability and I was able to turn it all around. That’s why I believe that everyone is deserving of the comeback story that they’re willing to earn. My next comeback kid is earning hers one braid at a time.

Imagine finding yourself a young mom caught in the middle of a sensationalized custody handover, and ending up in jail, your mugshot going viral. For Shia Milan Yearwood, a mother of two and hairstylist from North Carolina, this nightmare is all too real.

Shia chose to turn her worst days into an opportunity. She made her mug shot into a marketing tool, advertising her braid business. No shame for Shia, she is the comeback story behind the pretty mug of #braidsbyshia.

Erica Cobb: Joining us live from Charlotte, North Carolina is Shia Yearwood. Girlfriend, I have to tell you, when I first saw your photo I thought, “Now, if she can hook her hair up like that then I know that she’s really doing something special for her clients ’cause it takes a lot of talent.” Were you surprised by the attention that your tweet and mugshot received?

Shia Yearwood: Yeah, I was extremely surprised. I was a little shocked that it went viral because it was a mugshot.

Erica Cobb: A lot of people won’t put themselves out there, especially when they’re at their lowest, when they really need to put themselves out there because they’re scared of what other people may think. What would you say to people who are scared to just move forward?

Shia Yearwood: I think that you should just be open to positivity. You shouldn’t always dwell in the negatives. My message was to show people that even at your lowest no one can break you but yourself. You have to be positive, you have to be motivated, you have to be more so willing to be open to change, and then move forward with your life, and stop dwelling in the past.

Erica Cobb: I was listening to a podcast this morning and it was TD Jakes talking about how sometimes we have to go through our darkest moments to have our greatest tasks and be ready for them. Do you think that you’re now ready for your greatest tasks?

Shia Yearwood: Yeah, I’ve always been ready. It was just a little setback. One of our favorite quotes in our house is, “A little setback is always good for a major comeback.”

Erica Cobb:  Girl, you have had a major comeback, I am so proud of you. You continue to push forward, #braidsbyshia, make sure you check out my girl. Thank you Shia.

Shia Yearwood:  Thank you.

What’s your Comeback Story?

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