Comeback: from the Underdog Role

Being in the Underdog Role Doesn’t Mean Losing

Now, I know some of you may have watched this little football game on Sunday. Where we witnessed the greatest comeback in, like, NFL history, but it’s not the first time, even in the past year, that the sports world has shown us some pretty amazing comebacks from those in the underdog role.

I mean, we certainly saw it with the Cavs, down 3-1 to the Warriors.

And we definitely saw it with the Cubs, down 3-1 to the Cleveland.

It reinforces my idea that just because you don’t come straight out the gate in a position of power or authority — meaning maybe you don’t come from an affluent family or you didn’t have the greatest education or you don’t have a lot of money — I want you to stop using it as an excuse and start using it as momentum for your comeback.

Because the fact of the matter is there’s a lot of people who come from places of power, come from places of privilege. And when you get to that table with them, and they’re looking at you like:

How did you get to this table?

You should be looking at them like:

Why are you still at this table?

When you come from a position of less, it should motivate you to want to do more.

What are you protecting? Money that’s only going to last you the next couple of weeks or a life of smoke and mirrors that get knocked away when the wind blows super strong?

The fact that you may have less right now should be your motivation to want to get more. And these three sports examples, in just the past year, should serve as an example for your comeback.

When you are backed into a corner and you’re up against the ropes, what are you willing to do to fight and see another day?

I know for myself, personally, my greatest comebacks, my greatest successes have come when I have been down and out, when I have been talked poorly about, when things that I thought I would never recover from have happened. That’s when I come to my position and fight for my greatness.

So use those things to generate more. Because you are in a position for a great comeback.

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